Pet Surveillance

See what your dogs and cats are up to while you're out and about. Even if you cannot monitor 7x24, you can see the mystery and missing cookies from the table..

Use cases

Your yard
An intelligent computer surveys what's going on in the backyard or inside the house. Your mobile phone will display all events.
Elevator hall
Your mobile phone will receive the elevator hall videos only when a specific event has occurred. The system isn't dependent on the camera orientation in order to distinguish people, animals, cars or other objects. .
Parking lot
The parking-lot system will automatically identify a car entry/exit along with its license plate.
You'll have surveillance over pets and guests in your apartment. The application will even distinguish a man from a pet.
Facilities security
Our application will help the operator identify target information by displaying only relevant events out of the entire video stream. There is no need to peer at hundreds of tiny images on the monitor. .
Monitoring of nanny activities; monitoring of cleaning activities on the basis of human detection.
Web Camera Pro

Web Camera Pro software is an integral part of the Web Camera Cloud video surveillance system. Most of the software that presently introduced into the market was designed based on obsolete approaches to design being complex in setting. We proudly present the alternative to available software solutions.

Web Camera Pro
features a user-friendly interface, minimum number of options requiring expertise. The intelligent subsystem single-handedly detects network cameras and connects them to the application. So, the setup is much simpler and costs for specialists are minimized. The interface is designed to allow application with different devices, including tablet PCs.

Web Camera Pro lets you implement remote video surveillance solutions in a quality, professional way. It's better than an expensive system.
Future versions

Web Camera Pro
is a multi-platform solution. The first version is intended for MS Windows, but Linux, Android and Mac versions will be introduced soon.

Business Model: Paid Version Distinctions

The expanded (paid) version will also be capable of identifying vehicle license plates, recognizing human faces, and detecting over 1,000 objects. You may also use our additional cloud services (disc storage space, GPU servers, etc.).

Additional analytics in future versions:

  • Counting of visitors for specific time intervals, with analytical reports
  • Counting of number of cars for specific time intervals, with analytical reports
  • Counting of unidentified cars for specific time intervals, with analytical reports
  • Counting of regular visitors for specific time intervals, client identification, client database creation, and analytical reports on new and established clients.
  • Analysis of vehicle license plates for specific time intervals, visitor identification, car database creation and analytical reports
  • Analysis of restricted-area access
  • Analysis of foreign objects and security
  • Analysis of unidentified visitors
  • Analysis of visitor gender, appearance and behavior
  • Weather analysis and statistical reports
  • Analysis of employee/visitor emotional state
  • Analysis of employee workday, workplace manning analysis, access control system analysis
  • Personnel activities analysis and statistical reports
  • Lighting-use analysis, statistical reports and calculations of potential savings against the number of visitors and lights on, including the use of motion detectors for energy savings
  • Development of customized detection sensors and special reports.

The application can perform the following tasks: detection of moving people or vehicles; recognition of car license plates or QR codes imprinted in ID cards; detection of people in crowded environments, unattended objects within restricted areas; opposing-traffic-flow movement; detection of objects by shapes; and objects that disappear from the field of view (theft control).

Any of various inexpensive multi-channel recorders can be used instead of an expensive recorder, thus minimizing costs. Images from different recorders and web cameras can be processed via the Web Camera Pro network video server.