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Human ability

The difficulty with video surveillance lies in the constant demand for human attention to monitor live footage. Guards stationed in front of a screen are presented with a multitude of small images that make it challenging to identify potential intruders or perpetrators. As humans struggle to maintain continuous vigilance, artificial intelligence has been developed to overcome this limitation. Research has demonstrated that individuals monitoring a single video feed for more than 20 minutes can experience a significant decline in their attention span and ability to detect noteworthy events. When dealing with multiple monitors, the issue is further exacerbated. Given that numerous facilities are equipped with hundreds of cameras, it is impossible for a single human to handle the task.
Current problems
The majority of current video surveillance systems are inefficient, as they only have the capability to record and store video streams.
One of the main challenges facing video surveillance is the monotony of continuously monitoring empty spaces such as hallways, storage facilities, parking lots, or structures. The footage from multiple cameras, often displayed on a wall monitor or a bank of split-screen monitors, renders operator monitoring impractical and ineffective. Monitoring hundreds of cameras is also an expensive task, requiring costly equipment and substantial storage space. While diligent employees can be found, it may be more efficient to delegate routine tasks to computers.

Web Camera Cloud Surveillance Solutions

Web Camera Pro transforms regular cameras into intelligent security devices that can actually understand what's happening in the video.

The application enables operators to focus on meaningful events by presenting only relevant information from the video stream, thereby reducing equipment costs and storage space requirements. It includes a time-lapse mode that plays the complete video only when specific events occur, freeing up equipment and network resources.
Web Camera Pro can, for instance, analyze movements in the frame and automatically display recorded events such as people, cars, unidentified objects, or light flashes, represented as miniature images. By selecting an image, you can access the corresponding video segment. The system can analyze images from multiple cameras, record events, and take actions based on preset settings.

By focusing on critical events and tasks, this approach enables operators to establish a more efficient and intelligent video surveillance system without having to invest in expensive equipment.

Web Camera Pro makes video surveillance smart by enabling real-time object identification through event-triggered analysis.
With this approach, computers can monitor events in your home or yard, and you can easily track them through your mobile phone or any PC. For instance, if a camera is set up in the elevator hall, your mobile phone will only receive video footage from the hall when a specific event occurs. The system does not depend on the camera's orientation to identify objects like people, animals, or cars.

Web Camera Pro is a free video surveillance software. Due to high demand, the number of invitations for connecting Web Camera Pro to the cloud service is limited. To be included in the waiting list, please contact us

Camera Motion Detector
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How it works
CCTV, Webcams, IP Cameras, Mobile Phones
Intelligent subsystem detects network cameras and connects them to the application.
Web Camera Pro
Web Camera Pro Software enriches video surveillance with artificial intelligence to recognize objects in real time
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