Video Surveillance Cloud

A fundamentally new level of video surveillance and security.

The A.I. program functions by using deep learning computer vision. Machine vision can distinguish the human form, vehicles and boats or selected objects from the general movement of all other objects and visual static or changes in pixels on the monitor.

Our program is based on modern technologies based on neural networks, trained on large data sets. Web Camera Cloud turns ordinary cameras into smart security devices that "understand" what's happening on the video.
Solution: Innovative technologies based on artificial intelligence

Web Camera Cloud will convert ordinary cameras into intelligent safety appliances that do realize what is happening on the video.

Web Camera Cloud helps the operator identify target information by displaying only relevant events from the entire video stream. The application also saves disc space and equipment costs, thanks to intelligent processing. Time-lapse (one frame per second) mode is available for storage. The complete video record will be played only upon the occurrence of one or other specific events. This will significantly reduce your equipment and RAID requirements and thereby minimize the total network load.

For instance, Web Camera Cloud will analyze movements in the frame and automatically display recorded events of people, cars, the appearance of unidentified objects, or light flashes, doing so through miniaturized images. By clicking on an image you can actuate the playback of relevant video fragments. The system is capable of analyzing images from multiple cameras, recording events, and performing actions as per settings.

Such an approach allows the operator to focus on important events or particularly urgent tasks. You can now implement a more agile, intelligent video surveillance system without having to waste money on expensive equipment.

Today, there's a computer that can follow what is happening in your house or backyard. Free of charge, you can safely follow events through your own mobile phone or any PC. For instance, your mobile phone will receive the elevator hall videos only when a specific event has occurred, provided that the hall is fitted with a camera. The system doesn't depend on the camera orientation in order to distinguish people, animals, cars or other objects.

Web Camera Cloud will make video surveillance smart enabling it to event-triggered think for real-time object identification.

Innovative technologies based on artificial intelligence
Advantages: The application is built using innovative technologies based on neural networks trained on mass data. Cloud video surveillance high-tech, high in quality and professional. Better than costly systems…
Super-simple connection, using any of various video cameras, brings you remote online video surveillance via the Internet. Intelligent subsystem single-handedly detects network cameras and connects them to the application. The first video surveillance system produced affordable for the mass market.
Artificial Intelligence
A.i. for video surveillance utilizes computer software programs that analyze the images from video surveillance cameras in order to recognize humans, vehicles or objects. Artificial intelligence ("ai") technology converts an ordinary camera into an intelligent safety appliance that can realize what is happening within its field of view. It provides object detection through computer vision technology. The software sends an alert if it detects a trespasser breaking the "rule" set that no person is allowed in that area during that time of day.
Webcam Live Journal
Automatic events identification and uploading to YouTube server, Telegram Messenger, mobile devices or other applications. Event-triggered thinking capabilities ensure real-time object identification.
YouTube & Telegram Messenger

Most available video surveillance systems are low in efficiency because they're only capable to record data via videos, and store video archives. Moreover, multi-camera systems are very expensive because they require very large data stores and SSD disks. What are the odds against other systems? You do not need to pay a provider as videos will be stored in your Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp or your YouTube channel. The system records video only upon the occurrence of one or other specific events. This will significantly reduce your equipment and RAID requirements and thereby minimize the total network load.

In other words, it will suffice to acquire your own YouTube channel and secure private webcast capabilities. As specific event occurs our application will automatically start webcasting to the server. You'll be able to review all webcasts and events using your YouTube channel in the Secure and Open modes.

For example, in Open mode this can be elevator hall or your backyard webcasts. YouTube stored webcasts can be reviewed in your personal account at our site.
Key Benefits

  • There is no need to pay for cloud-based video surveillance
  • Intelligent video surveillance is based on artificial intelligence
  • It's a fundamentally new technological level with a high degree of user-friendliness.
Web Camera Cloud is the first video surveillance system with Artificial Intelligence made affordable for the mass market.

It's yours, absolutely free! No monthly charges. Free-of-charge remote server storage and video downloading!

Our mission is to make intelligent cloud video surveillance accessible for everyone!

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Web Camera Cloud makes video surveillance smart, giving it the ability to think events for real-time object recognition. A fundamentally new technological level and ease of use.
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