Video surveillance in the Parking Lot


The traditional video surveillance system has some limitations and often lacks the advanced features that can make it more efficient and user-friendly. This is where AI-based motion detection software comes into play, offering a range of benefits that make video surveillance more accessible, affordable, and convenient for everyone.
Using Web Camera Pro in a parking lot is simple and straightforward. Once the software is installed, the cameras are set up and connected to the system. The software will then automatically identify when a vehicle enters or exits the parking lot, along with its license plate information.

License Plate Recognition Software

One of the key benefits of using Web Camera Pro in a parking lot is the ability to keep track of all vehicle activity in real-time. This means that parking lot operators can quickly and easily identify which vehicles are in the lot at any given time, and can also monitor the length of time each vehicle has been parked.
In addition to real-time monitoring, Web Camera Pro also offers a range of reporting options that allow parking lot operators to analyze vehicle activity over time. This information can be used to make informed decisions about parking lot management, such as adjusting pricing or optimizing space utilization.
For license plate recognition to work, your camera needs a few specific things:
  • The angle of the camera is extremely important, because a camera that's installed too high cannot see the license plate
  • The distance from the camera to the car must also be considered - while a camera may be able to zoom in quite a distance, you want to minimize the distance between camera and car
  • Lighting is also important - whether you install lights or use the camera's built-in IR, you will need additional lighting at night
  • The speed of oncoming traffic must be low enough that the camera has enough time to focus on the license plate
Another important benefit of using Web Camera Pro is the increased security it provides. By keeping track of all vehicle activity, parking lot operators can quickly identify and respond to any security incidents that may occur. Additionally, the stored license plate information can be used to assist with investigations if necessary.
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