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The Hybrid Video Surveillance Cloud solution leverages Web Camera Pro's smart CCTV analytics directly on the camera stream source. It consists of a cloud server and a local application that can be installed on smartphones, personal computers, or cloud cameras. By employing Web Camera Pro's AI-based motion detector in real-time, it significantly reduces the burden on communication channels and cloud storage by multiple orders of magnitude. Unlike traditional motion detectors, video analytics greatly minimizes the load on data transmission channels.
The software is compatible with a wide range of cameras, ranging from basic USB webcams to advanced IP cameras. It offers advanced features for online security monitoring, including object detection, motion detection, event-triggered and time-lapse recording, remote viewing, facial recognition, and automated license plate recognition.

Web Camera Pro provides a user-friendly windows interface that is designed for easy navigation, offering minimal options to enhance usability. To make use of the VideoSurveillance.Cloud, users have two options: they can either download the software onto their personal computer (PC) or mobile device, or they can utilize the pre-installed Web Camera Pro software on their cloud camera. Upon registration, users gain access to program links through their personal accounts.

Web Camera Pro is a free video surveillance software. Due to high demand, the number of invitations for connecting Web Camera Pro to the cloud service is limited. To be included in the waiting list, please contact us

Free Software for Video Surveillance Cloud

Existing cloud solutions face a significant challenge: they perform video analytics on the cloud server, which has a notable drawback. Conventional cloud systems struggle with processing unprocessed video footage due to the requirement of transmitting the complete video stream from security cameras to the cloud service.
      This situation introduces a risk of video recordings and events being lost due to communication disruptions or high channel loads, leading to false alarms caused by artifacts during connection deterioration. Moreover, this solution can be costly for various reasons. Firstly, there is the expense of the channel and traffic, with 24/7 video streaming consuming a substantial amount of internet traffic (up to 648 GB per month for each IP camera with 1920x1080 HD resolution). Some providers may also throttle channel speed after a certain traffic volume. Additionally, the high cost of cloud video analytics services adds to the overall expenses. Secondly, this solution often requires the purchase of a branded cloud camera that is compatible only with a specific cloud service or the payment for a costly white static IP address. Lastly, security is a significant concern as IP cameras are simple and poorly protected microcomputers, making them susceptible to numerous hacking attempts, information leaks, and DDoS attacks on external IP addresses.
      Web Camera Pro's advanced neural network algorithms enable the development of real-time solutions on various devices, including micro and standard computers, as well as mobile phones. When motion is detected, Web Camera Pro instantly performs real-time object detection and uploads videos along with event information to the cloud server.

      This eliminates continuous load on the communication channel, and there is no need for the cloud server to decode the video, resulting in substantial cost reductions compared to competitors. Moreover, Video Surveillance Cloud's tariff plans are not tied to the number of cameras, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness for users.

      In addition, Web Camera Pro offers local storage with data buffering, ensuring enhanced fault tolerance for the CCTV system. The local storage captures and records video footage starting from ten seconds before an event occurs, providing valuable context and improving the overall reliability of the system. When events are triggered, the recording is automatically activated, and video transmission to the cloud storage takes place based on the load of the communication channel. This intelligent approach optimizes the usage of network resources while ensuring that important CCTV data is securely stored in the cloud.
      The Video Surveillance Cloud provided by Web Camera Pro eliminates the need for expensive white IP addresses or complicated setup procedures involving UPnP or DDNS services. This not only simplifies the setup process but also significantly enhances the security of the CCTV surveillance system.
      With this approach, all devices can be protected by a firewall, and the video-stream is transmitted directly from one user's device to another computer or mobile device, bypassing the need for data to pass through cloud servers. This direct transmission ensures an increased level of security for the video data. Additionally, Web Camera Pro offers the convenience of time-lapse recording. This feature allows users to capture video with a lower frame rate (e.g., one frame per second) during periods of no motion
      This effectively reduces disk space costs and extends the storage time of the CCTV archive, making efficient use of available resources. By combining artificial intelligence capabilities with data decentralization technology, Web Camera Pro and Video Surveillance Cloud enable the swift and cost-effective implementation of an efficient CCTV surveillance system. This powerful combination ensures reliable security monitoring while minimizing complexities and costs associated with traditional approaches.
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